St. Xenia Orthodox Church
170 N. Lowell St. (P.O. Box 147)
Methuen, MA 01844
Sts. Peter & Paul Cemetery

Sts. Peter & Paul Cemetery was established over 80 years ago by the former parish of St. John the Baptist in Lawrence, MA. An administator from St. Xenia parish has been managing and developing the cemetery since the transfer of the property to the ROCOR over 20 years ago.
The past few years have seen substantial development with the repaving of the cemetery road, clearing and landscaping of the property and the addition of over 400 new grave sites.
Since the cemetery has limited expansion possibilities, the purchase of new graves is limited to persons of the Orthodox faith.
All monies collected for the purchase of graves, as well as any direct donations to the cemetery, are held in an account separate from parish funds and are used for the continual care and beautification of the cemetery only.
Cost for individual graves is $1,000.
For further information you may contact Fr. Michael Crowley or Natalie Pishenin (

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