St. Xenia Orthodox Church
170 N. Lowell St. (P.O. Box 147)
Methuen, MA 01844

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6 to 9 Years (First Grade – Fifth Grade)





Liturgy & Sacraments


Church History


Make the sign of the cross: how and when

We talk to God in prayer

Identify Bible as a Holy Book telling us about God

Recognize and identify objects and people(i.e., priest, choir, cross, chalice, Gospel, censer) and describe related actions

Identify basic icons of Christ, His Mother, the feasts of Nativity, Theophany, Pascha, etc. and the Cross

Identify self as Orthodox Christian (how do we do this: wearing a cross, going to church, making the sign of the cross, etc.)

Help others by:

Giving offerings in church, visiting and helping others and showing kindness towards others

Name God as 3 Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Establish a place for prayer in your room

How is the Gospel used in church: i.e., carried in procession, rests on Altar, venerated, kissed

Learn how and when to sing simple responses

Prepare a place for the icon of given feast at home and decorate it with flowers

Give the name of your church and talk about what you see and do there

Caring for God’s creation, picking up trash or litter, keeping a clean room, and keeping order around the house

Identify Jesus as God’s Son

Prayers to know: O Heavenly King, Holy God, Lord’s Prayer

Identify and recall people and events in stories about God and his people

Know how to ask for and/or receive blessings (from priest or bishop) and Holy Communion

Associate major feasts with how they are celebrated in church or at home

Recognize the icons and name the major saints commemorated in home parish

Caring for younger siblings and helping parents

Identify the Holy Spirit as God’s Spirit who lives in us

Communion Hymn: Receive ye the Body of Christ

Know the creation story and selected stories about Jesus

Describe how and when oil, water, wine, bread, fruit, palms, etc. are used in sacraments and blessings

Know the saints of family members and other saints celebrated in the home

Recognize and name the Orthodox Churches in the community


Know that God sends Jesus to give us new life (Pascha)

Prayer before meals

Name important events in familiar stories from the Old Testament

Recognize/recall basic sacramental actions in baptisms, communion, marriages, etc.

Help to celebrate the name’s day of loved ones

Tell a friend about the church and ask them to visit and bring their parents


Know that God loves us and cares for us

Troparion for various feasts

Relate stories of Samuel & Hannah, David & Psalms to the need for prayer





Know that God created us and the world we live in

As many as have been baptized & Before Thy Cross (with prostrations)

Learn to sing often – repeated Prokeimenon and refrains






Upcoming Events & Services
Saturday, 7 / 20 October
5:30 All-Night Vigil
Sunday, 8 / 21 October
21st Sunday after Pentecost. Tone 4
9:30 Hours and Divine Liturgy
Saturday, 14 / 27 October
5:30 All-Night Vigil
Sunday, 15 / 28 October
22nd Sunday after Pentecost. Tone 5
9:30 Hours and Divine Liturgy