St. Xenia Orthodox Church
170 N. Lowell St. (P.O. Box 147)
Methuen, MA 01844

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15 to 18 Years (Tenth Grade – Twelfth Grade)




Liturgy & Sacraments


Church History


Define the basic meaning of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ as “God’s coming to us in the flesh”

Compile a collection of “Prayers for Special Occasions” for personal use

Read short passages from the Bible regularly

Name and describe the major periods in Salvation History – Identify the Incarnation as the pivotal point in this history


Use the liturgical calendar to locate and prepare readings for the Hours, Prokemenon, Epistle, and Alleluia verses for a Sunday service

Describe themes and liturgical highlights of Holy Week


With a liturgical calendar, fill in the major feasts and liturgical seasons in your personal and family calendar

During each fasting period, read the life of a saint





Identify and express ways to witness to Christ – in school, at work, in neighborhood, in sports and personal relationships

Volunteer to help in some way in the community (i.e., soup kitchen, food pantry, etc.)


Describe what it means, in personal terms, that God has come to live and die for us

Locate the Troparion and Kontakion for the major Feast Days. Add these to prayers.

Work with Gospel parallels (i.e., maps, biblical aids)

Explain concepts of remembrance and thanksgiving in worship and personal life


With the help of a spiritual father, determine your fasting discipline and goals for Great Lent


Help an elderly member of the community with shopping, snow removal, yard work


Explain how love is the basis for all relationships between God, his people and the world

Prayers after Communion

Compile a personal list for remembrance of Living and Departed


Compare biblical and liturgical texts on common themes

Relate the bible to daily living – Keep a journal of helpful passages


With the aid of a spiritual father, develop a regular cycle of participation in the sacraments of Penance and Communion


Help prepare at home or church for the celebration of a feast day




Name the persons of the Trinity and describe how they relate to one another

Read short books on prayer




Describe the responsibilities of Godparents in the sacrament of Baptism



























Upcoming Events & Services
Saturday, 7 / 20 October
5:30 All-Night Vigil
Sunday, 8 / 21 October
21st Sunday after Pentecost. Tone 4
9:30 Hours and Divine Liturgy
Saturday, 14 / 27 October
5:30 All-Night Vigil
Sunday, 15 / 28 October
22nd Sunday after Pentecost. Tone 5
9:30 Hours and Divine Liturgy